Thursday, 8 October 2015

Is Web design becoming irrelevant?

The heart and soul of design is making the user happy.  
In order to satisfy users, you must design beyond the page. You need to understand the entire journey, especially how people use your website as part of a multi-device experience.
So is Web design becoming irrelevant? Or does it require us to redefine the skill set of the Web designer?
In this piece, we’ll talk about why (and how) to think beyond Web design.

The Democratization of Web UI Design

When it comes to Web design, it’s easy to focus purely on the UI.
After all, that’s what clients and stakeholders can see and touch, so that’s where you’ll probably hear the most feedback. UX design, on the other hard, is more difficult. It’s hard to know precisely what will make the user happy, especially when you can just rearrange the layout and call it “improved.”
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UX design for the Web is not a new concept. But as explained in UX Design Trends 2015 & 2016, recent advancements in self-serve Web design have made UX design a true competitive advantage for designers. Certain services and algorithms might help us design visually beautiful websites, but they can’t help us design a great Web experience (not yet, at least).
In his controversial piece Why Web Design is Dead, Sergio Nouvel explains why the old ways of Web design are on their way out. While his piece takes a more extreme view of Web design, we certainly agree with his reasoning for why Web designers must evolve, and his problems seem solvable through emphasizing UX principles.
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